Golf Swing Training Aids

3 Unique training aids that will help develop pure swings and strokes

7/27/20232 min read

1. Flatball

​​Flatballs eliminate the need to hit real golf balls in order to practice hitting with good contact. These rubber disks replicate the sweet-spot of a golfball and exaggerate miss hits so it is easy to identify if you are hitting it thin or fat. If you do manage to hit the flatball with good contact, the disk will fly though the air like a frisbee. They are much harder to hit than a real ball so it is a good indicator of the quality of your swing path. Unlike a real ball, these flatballs do not travel far so hitting them in the yard or in a net is not a problem. Give these a look if you are interested.

2. Impact Mat

This Champkey hitting mat is specially designed to show your divot patterns in relation to the ball. It features a rubber base and a carpet-like material that simulates grass; when you hit the ball, your club will fluff up this material. Simply place the ball on the indicated dot and hit some shots. The fluff from your swing impact will show you if you are hitting thin, fat, too across or too in to out.

3. Putting Mat

Now let's take a turn and look at putting. A putting mat is a specialized golf training tool designed to improve a golfer's putting skills. It is typically a flat and synthetic surface that mimics the texture and speed of a real putting green. The main purpose of a putting mat is to allow golfers to work on their putting technique, alignment, and distance control in the comfort of their own home or office. It offers the convenience of practicing anytime, regardless of weather conditions or access to a golf course. By regularly using a putting mat, golfers can refine their stroke, develop muscle memory, and build confidence in their putting abilities, ultimately leading to improved performance on the actual golf course. I will link two putting mats, one that features 3 separate cups and a slight up-hill lie that closely mimics a natural golf green and one that features distance markings and alignment aids for those who want more of a training feel. 1. Natural 2. Alignment