3 Illegal Golf Products

3 illegal clubs and balls you can use to mess around on the course.

8/23/20232 min read

1. 750cc Driver

Golf drivers are a crucial part of a golfer's arsenal, designed to hit long and accurate shots off the tee. However, the United States Golf Association (USGA) imposes strict regulations on clubhead size, limiting it to 460cc. Enter the 750cc driver – a club that breaks the rules and takes advantage of its colossal clubhead. The USGA sets limits on clubhead size to maintain a level playing field and ensure that technology doesn't provide an unfair advantage. A larger clubhead can generate more power and forgiveness, leading to longer drives. Thus, the 750cc driver is illegal because it offers an unfair advantage over traditional drivers. Despite its illegality, using a 750cc driver can be an exhilarating experience. You'll effortlessly launch golf balls into the stratosphere, hitting longer drives than ever before. It's like swinging a sledgehammer on the course – perfect for those looking for some unconventional fun.

2. Spin Doctor Wedges

The Spin Doctor golf wedges are another set of clubs that flout the USGA's rules, this time in the realm of short-game precision. These wedges are known for their extraordinary spin rates, which can make golfers feel like they have a secret weapon in their bags. The USGA enforces restrictions on groove design to limit the amount of spin a golfer can generate on the ball. Spin Doctor wedges have grooves that don't conform to these regulations, allowing players to put significantly more spin on their shots than is typically permitted. Playing with Spin Doctor wedges can turn you into a magician on the greens. You'll be able to pull off incredible shots that seem to defy physics – chips that check up and spin back towards the hole, or flop shots that stop on a dime. It's the kind of magic that can make golf a whole lot more enjoyable.

3. Polara Golf Balls

Polara golf balls are perhaps the most divisive piece of equipment on our list. These balls are designed to minimize slices and hooks, allowing players to keep the ball on the fairway with greater ease. The USGA has strict rules regarding the aerodynamics of golf balls. Polara balls utilize a unique dimple pattern that reduces side spin, making them more forgiving for players with erratic drives. If you are playing a casual round, Polara golf balls can provide a significant confidence boost to golfers who struggle with slices and hooks. They can help keep your ball in play, reduce frustration, and make the game more enjoyable for those who find themselves battling the rough or searching for lost balls frequently.